8 Summer Trends You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

8 Summer Trends You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

It’s finally time to put away your plain faux fur coats and L.L. Bean boots. This summer’s trends are bold, bright, and breathtaking. From animal prints to one-shoulder shirts, these modern styles are going to define the summer of 2019. But before you head out on a Charleroi or Washington, PA shopping spree for some new clothes, check out these outfits for inspiration. You might even find the perfect summer outfit at Prima Diva Boutique.

Not only will we be going over these trending styles, but we will also give you tips on how to tailor them to your own personal taste as well as how you can mix and match them together. Here are our top 7 summer trends to look for during your Washington, PA shopping spree.

  1. The Maxi dress: a versatile piece that offers both comfort and style
  2. Tie-Dye: a new take on a 70’s trend
  3. Animal prints: a daring look has finally reached mainstream fashion
  4. Mixed prints: a style that is sure to turn heads
  5. One-shoulder: a new take on a recent trend
  6. Feathers: how you can use them fashionably and ethically
  7. Fishnet: not restricted to fishnet stockings
  8. Bralette: a comfortable alternative to the traditional bra

Maxi dress

Whether you need a beach cover-up or a casual dress for an outdoor party, the maxi dress will provide both the comfort and elegance desired for both occasions. Its versatile style and timeless beauty can be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Go floral if you’re into lighter, more relaxed styles, or even try mixed prints if you want a more edgy look.

Prima Diva Maxi Dress


Before you break out your old tie-dye kits, check out these refreshing, new takes on this infamous 70’s trend.

Prima Diva Knit Poncho

You can go as bold as you want with tie-dye. But if you want to test out the trend without looking too overdramatic or theatrical, pair a simple tie-dye shirt with muted color pants or jeans.

Animal Prints

The fashion industry has gone wild for animal prints. You can find them everywhere, from handbags to shoes to dresses. The most popular prints include leopard, zebra, and cow.

For people who aren’t ready to take the full leap forward and purchase complete animal print clothing for their wardrobe, discrete accessories such as a wallet or purse can be a great stepping stone. But if you are ready to pounce on this head-turning trend, look out for snakeskin tops and leopard print dresses during your next Washington PA shopping spree.

Mixed prints

Don’t be afraid to mix up some prints, including the animal prints we just mentioned. Mixing prints, of course, is both a science and an art. You don’t want to look boring, but you also don’t want your clothes to awkwardly clash with each other.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning out your outfit.

  • Choose one print to be the dominant one, and the other to act as an accent.
  • Mix prints that share the same color.
  • Tone down the rest of the outfit with neutral colors.
  • For a simple, classic look, try mixing polka dots and stripes.

Prima Diva Mixed Print Shirt


This modification of the traditional cold-shoulder trend is taking fashion stores by storm. Look for the one-shoulder, or off-shoulder as it is sometimes referred to, in the bikini, dress, and top section, as this trend is as versatile as it is fun.

Prima Diva Round Neck Top


The sight of feathers in fashion often brings up images of a laughing Marilyn Monroe or a troupe of Las Vegas showgirls in one’s mind. They are extravagant, elegant, and eye-catching.

That being said, the inclusion of feathers by fashion designers has drawn scrutiny from certain animal-rights activists. Luckily, it is possible to achieve this glamorous look without the use of real feathers. The skirt on a dress, for instance, can mimic the soft, thinness of real feathers.

You could also add feather print statement pieces to your wardrobe to keep up with the trend by using more ethical methods.


This trend is not limited to the stockings traditionally associated with it. Instead, for this season, you’ll find everything from dresses to bathing suits rocking this new style. Plus, if you’re an avid festival goer, this piece is a must-have to add to your suitcase.

Black Lattice Front Top

If you’re not ready for such a strong statement piece for your wardrobe quite yet, you can also look into “fishnet inspired” pieces that have the intricate webbing with a bit more cover-up.

The Bralette Peep

Prima Diva Bralettes

People love bralettes for their comfort as well as their ability to blend in with almost any outfit. Whether you need something to wear under a going-out top or a top to pair with a blazer, a bralette is usually a safe choice. And unlike traditional bras, bralettes are usually worn to be seen, even if they’re just peeking out a little from underneath a t-shirt.

Whether you go for edgy and flashy pieces or toned down and sophisticated looks, these items can be added to any wardrobe. Don’t forget to add a few of these items to your Charleroi or near Washington, PA shopping list before heading out! And make sure to check out Prima Diva Boutique (or shop online) for the latest styles and fashion trends