Apr 11th 2019

Planning the Perfect Girls’ Day Out in Charleroi

With the stresses of work, family, and relationships always at the forefront of our lives, sometimes we just need a day out with our best girlfriends. Taking the day to pamper yourself, unload on your most trusted confidants, and share an abundance o…

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Apr 1st 2019

5 Unique Stops & Shops in Charleroi

There’s something about shopping at little boutiques and trying local flavors at hometown restaurants that just can't compare to the mall. Whether it’s friendly service, a unique selection of products, or the quaint hometown vibe, nothing bea…

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Mar 20th 2019

6 Spring Trends You Need in Your Closet Right Now

Spring is here and the door is open to a new variety of fun new styles! We’ve been waiting all winter to break out of our bulky snow boots, oversized sweaters, and coats. We’re ready to show some skin, break out our favorite sandals, and feel the sun…

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